Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen (NO)

Tiril is a Norwegian freestyle skier born in 1995 in Geilo. She won her first Winter X Games medal in the Woman’s Slopestyle at the Winter X Games XVII in Aspen, Colorado.

Tiril is a dedicated flipper and uses the North Athlete to try out and improve her tricks.




Jesse Heffels (NL)

Jesse Heffels is a gymnast gone professional YouTuber with major focus on flipping and trampolines. Jesse was born in the Netherlands on August 8, 1997. Jesse travels the world looking for events and locations to flip and is known in the flipping community with his motto ’Skitta Comitta’ which stands for 'Your Final Push To Conquer Your Fears!'



Emil Granbom (SE)

Emil Granbom, from Falun, Sweden first stood on his first pair of skis at age 2. When growing up he constantly jumped on his trampoline during the summers so he could bring his tricks to his skis when the snow came. 2015 he got selected for the Junior World Championships and later on he got selected for the Youth Olympics in Lillehammer 2016.

Gold at the Swedish Nationals in Big Air 2019
Gold at the Swedish Nationals in Big Air 2017


Melvin Jandermark (SE)

Melvin Jandermark is one of Sweden's most progressive GTramp jumpers right now. Melvin is deeply involved in the Europeen trampoline scene and is often invited to trampoline meetups and events worldwide.Melvin also have his own trampoline park in the south of Sweden, The Limitless backyard trampoline park.



Dominique Lewis (US)

Dominique Lewis is an American professional tumbler/tricker, social media influencer, tricking/tumbling/gymnastics coach born in Detroit Michigan in 1992. Dominique is driven to push himself further each day to be better than he was yesterday, both in training and as a person, and driven to inspire others to know and reach their full potential. Why tumbling? “Because it gives me the freedom to both push and express myself through creative body movement.






Morning tramp sesh @north_trampoline_official #northtrampoline

Ett inlägg delat av JOHANNES SUIKKARI (@lifeofjohannes)


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